“My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Julie for eleven years now and I could not be more thrilled with her progression as a pianist and a musician in general.  Julie has always held herself to a high standard and it shows in her teaching methods.  Not only is her knowledge of repertoire quite extensive, but I have been thoroughly impressed with her emphasis on technique and theory and performance etiquette as well.  My daughter has decided to pursue a Music Therapy degree in college, and I am very confident that with Julie’s help, she will be more than prepared for her college auditions in the fall.”    – Kathy, mother of high school piano student

“Julie successfully planned and performed a St. Paul Presents program in April 2017. The program was diverse and extremely difficult. Julie performed as a soloist and masterfully accompanied her two guests. Julie has a tremendous knowledge of Hymnody and solo repertoire for the organ. She practices relentlessly.  Julie is the ultimate team player. She has developed a wonderful rapport with the music director, choir members, and the congregation.” – Danny Frank, St. Paul UMC Director of Music

“We’ve been with Julie for seven years and she has been teaching three of my children.  They all have different learning styles and levels of natural ability.  I have been so impressed at her ability to work with each of my children and their different personalities and styles and to bring out beautiful music from them!  As a parent juggling many schedules and activities with my children, I also appreciate Julie’s organization and communication.  I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a piano teacher for their child.” – Jo, mother of three piano students

“I started my piano lessons with Ms. Shelton in 3rd grade, with little knowledge of music or technique. Through the years, she helped me build my skill to play more complicated pieces and taught me about how music is created, its history, and much more. Her guidance has helped me learn to push myself and keep trying until I get something right.  Additionally, Ms. Shelton offers many opportunities—recitals, competitions, etc.—that give awards and helped me overcome my fear of performing. My exposure to music has helped shape who I have become intellectually and socially, and I am very grateful.”           – Tanya,  high school piano student



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